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The Times They Are A Changing

On Valentine’s Day 2019 St. Luke’s Sound Hospital Radio will celebrate its 40th.Year of broadcasting to patients and staff.

Staffed and funded by volunteers, we commenced broadcasting to patients using a few vinyl records and tape cassettes,boosted by borrowed records from Woods Music Shop on Manningham Lane in Bradford.

Over the years, the station improved thanks to dedicated volunteers and when I joined in May 2001, the collection of tracks had grown substantially, comprising records, cassettes, mini discs, CD’s to tracks on computers.

On Monday 17th September 2018 at precisely 11.00 am we moved into the Internet Age by “streaming” our broadcasts online. Our output is primarily prepared for our patients, for entertainment, news and information, however due to the nature of streaming, we may be heard worldwide. This fact does allow relatives and friends at home or living and holidaying abroad to send requests and greetings to their loved ones!

Another benefit of the new system is that patients or visitors will be able to listen to St. Luke’s Sound on their mobile phones, tablets and computers! No more wrestling with plastic headsets and outdated tuning controls!  Just select www.stlukessound.co.uk and click the button!

Alongside the installation ofbroadcasting equipment, our new Facebook and Twitter pages currently beinginstalled will take requests, provide information and programme schedules,hospital news and even “mugshots” of our presenters!

We look forward to providing an improving service for our patients, their friends and families, hospital staff and volunteers into the future!

Look out for members of our team inthe hospital, say “Hello” We are quite visible! We all wear bright yellow shirts!

presenters at launch



chairman Jack Worsnop

Jack Worsnop

Vice Chairman




David Rathmell

David Rathmell


John Winter

John Winter

Studio Manager

Wayne Williams

Wayne Williams

Training Manager

Wayne Williams

Wayne Williams